Whether it's music videos or short films, title cards are typographic lockups designed to grab attention quickly. That was my goal while working with these videos and artists, as well as, properly selecting typefaces that match the creative direction of the production.
"Especially Now" by Cam Demars. A three-part short film inspired by the book written by Jonas Cannon.
Created with Hagen Creative.
"Ààrẹ" Film Screening title card. A short film by Taoheed Bayo, it visualizes an expansive man through movement, throwing a modern lens on Yoruba practices.
Created with Taoheed Bayo and Mark Odumuyiwa.
SOAK IN by AubreyKingX
GOD by AubreyKingX
Type Layout.

Created with Skntones, NSTY.CA, Cam Demars, and Taoheed Bayo.
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