After researching the climate crisis and what brought us to this point, it holistically came down to a massive disconnect between humans and Nature. EARTHNEWS is a newsstand campaign that gently encourages viewers to reconsider the interconnectedness of everything living on Earth through promoting relationship and connection to the environment around you. When we feel a personal connection to something, we feel responsible to protect and nurture that thing.

Informational video explaining the research that was done along with the concept behind EARTHNEWS.
Physical stand featuring print material.
Newspapers, magazines, zines, and wheat-pasted posters cover the exterior of the newsstand.
The EARTHNEWS magazines and wheat-pasted poster series.

Promotional campaign for digital assets and the required video. Media from Nature herself.
The EARTHNEWS stand at the UMN GD Senior Thesis Exhibition. Featuring a looping box TV, referencing old newsstands having a small TV playing local news. Additionally, stickers and copies of the newspaper and zines were available for viewers to take home.
Thesis Research Paper, Identity + Campaign Design, Editorial Design, Installation Design, Creative Direction + Photography

Researched and created for GD Senior Thesis Exhibition @ UMN
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